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Notes: Thanks to the ever-wonderful skripka for the shiny quick beta and everyone who encouraged this idea in its various incarnations.

We All Got Secrets 

by liquideyes

She's gotta secret.

He knows she does.

And even though she wouldn't tell it to 'im, there are other ways of finding it out. He's got a lot of them at his disposal, both of the nice variety and of the not so nice. Though he doesn't want to use up any favours in looking. Not enough profit in it. And he is a business man.

But that don't mean he's gonna to stop.

Not when the memory of a lithe body, and big brown eyes keep distractin' him from 'is dealings at the most inopportune of times. And then there're the things he'd like to do to that body. Even the sharp jab of her finger made him wanna push her back up against the bulkhead. Or maybe take her home for a nice cuppa tea. Be all hospitable like before they wound up naked and sweaty in his bed.

He'd even put on clean sheets.

He don't run across people from the ol' homestead too often. And he thinks he'd remember a bird like 'er. Or maybe he'd left too young, cause she did look young. Real young.

He kept careful track of Serenity when she docked, and ain't no one noticed a young girl get off. So she's still there. Which ain't the usual protocol for a passenger. Unless she wanted to see the 'verse.

No. She's gotta secret.

And it might just be worth his while to find it out.

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