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Notes: Written for ff_fridays challenge the fourth: home. Much thanks to eatstake and Scott for shiny betas.

Person, Place or Thing? 

by liquideyes

A young boy in a crisp, white shirt under a dark, brocade vest walks with his hand firmly in the clasp of an older gentleman dressed much in the same fashion. The pristineness fits, even if the colours don't. To fit in, they should be dressed in white, or navy blue. But the man walks purposefully, knowing where he is heading. Restrained excitement is evident in each step. The young boy's blue eyes are wide, trying to take everything in. But he is also trying to be careful, trying not to gawk, as that would not be appropriate. And he did not want a lecture when he returned home. But the boy observes: people being fixed, and people doing the fixing. And he feels an irresistible pull. He might have gravitated towards the doctors if he was not firmly attached to his father's hand. And he knows that it would be improper to disturb them by getting in their way. These people are all busy, doing important things. Making people better. But the pull is strong. He could see himself dressed in a white gown. He knows that one day he would not simply be here for a visit, that he could find a place here. One day, the hospital would be home.

The man finally reaches his destination, and father and son enter a room. A woman, with a gentle, tired smile lies on the bed, cradling something small in a pink blanket. "Simon, meet your new sister River," says the man, his voice full of pride. And the young boy, forgetting decorum for once, speeds to the side of the bed and climbs up to carefully sit beside his mother. Her arm goes around him, as she asks if he would like to hold his sister. He nods an affirmative and the warm bundle is placed into his carefully positioned arms. The baby squirms, dislodging the soft blanket. The new brother counts ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. Then the baby yawns, opening bottomless eyes. He had been instructed on how to be a good big brother, but none of that prepared him for the love he feels towards this new life looking right at him. He is mesmerized. He would be the best big brother in the world. The man goes to stand beside his family, giving his wife a kiss and resting a hand on his son's head. And this was also home.

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