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Traditionalist Musings  (April 2003) Thoughts on a scar and where it lead them. Simon and Kaylee somewhere in the middle. S/K. Rated R. ~1600 words. Spoilers for Serenity and slight spoilers for Safe, Jaynestown and The Message.

The Price of Being Proper  (April 2003) Simon thinks about his new life. S/K. Rated G. ~300 words.

Person, Place or Thing?  (May 2003) Simon, meet your sister. Rated G. ~400 words.

We're All Lost in the Woods... (May 2003) It's a picnic, in Simon's subconscious. Rated G. ~1000 words. [read with commentary]

Mending  (August 2003) Coda to The Message. S/K. Rated G. ~2100 words. Spoilers for The Message.

Starlight, Starbright  (December 2003) Kaylee, Simon and some fun in a hayloft. S/K. Rated NC-17. ~2500 words.

We All Got Secrets  (May 2004) Badger knows she has a secret. (B-->R) Rated PG-13. ~250 words.

Extended Family  (September 2004). Simon deals with the demands of Zoe's pregnancy with a little help from Kaylee. S/K. Rated PG. ~900 words.

Briliant Doctor  (January 2005). Another day, another bullet wound. Rated G. ~300 words.

Light of Some Kind  (January 2005). After Objects in Space, Simon deals with the ramifications of Early's visit to Serenity. S/K. Rated PG-13 (following the themes of OiS). ~7500 words. Spoilers for Objects in Space.

Asking too Much  (February 2005). After Jubal Early, Kaylee tries to remember sex isn't all about power. S/K, I/K, J/K. Rated R. WARNING: elements of non-con. ~1100 words. Spoilers for Heart of Gold and Objects in Space.

Not Pickles and Ice Cream  (February 2005). Simon and Wash run an important errand. Sequel to Extended Family. Rated PG. ~1500 words.

Empty (April 2005). The night before she leaves. Rated G. 200 words. Spoilers for Heart of Gold.

Good Vibrations  (October 2005). Kaylee takes matters into her own hands. Literally. S/K, Serenity/K. Rated NC-17. ~1400 words. Takes place between Objects in Space and the movie.



There Are Rules  (written January 2005). Shortly after Caged Bird (series finale) Jaye and Mahandra have a talk. Rated PG. ~400 words. Spoilers for Caged Bird (and thus whole series).

Double Date   (written July 2005). Mahandra asks Jaye for a favour. Sequel to There are Rules. Rated G. ~800 words. Spoiler for Safety Canary until the end (Caged Bird).


Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Barbershop Duet  (written May 2005). Kara does Lee a favour. K&L. Rated G. ~1700 words.