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Notes: Written for astrablue for Serenity Santa. Thanks to skripka for a shiny beta.

Brilliant Doctor  

by liquideyes

Simon picked up a syringe and reached subconsciously for the right vial. Pulling off the cap with his teeth, he injected the captain with the appropriate painkiller.

"So Mal, what number gunshot wound is this?" Simon asked, cleaning out the bullet shaped hole in the captain’s upper arm. Thankfully it had missed the bone, making his job more routine than challenge, though the muscle it had torn through would make this more of a problem for Mal, considering he doubted he could persuade the captain to immobilize the arm to speed the healing process.

"What Doc, are you actually counting?" Mal sounded surprised. But even on a ship going through the blackness of space, Simon kept notes and records like he would have at the finest of hospitals in the core. He training had been thorough –- That was one of the things that had stuck.

"Well, I suppose it would be higher if I added other injuries."

"Can you even count that high?"

"I can. Jayne on the other hand..." He said, half-joking.

"Oh, his counting’s jus’ fine. Numbers have to do with money, after all..." Mal trailed off, sounding as if he had drunk too much of Kaylee’s engine room hooch. The drugs had definitely taken effect.

Simon turned to his supplies on the bedside table, threading a sterilized needle with a length of poly-silk.

"We talkin’ just me or all the crew?"

"That would certainly increase the count." His tone was as matter of fact as his stitches.

"Yup, we all have our scars. Even you, son. Sometimes nearly invisible -- considering we got us a brilliant doctor an’ all..."

Simon paused, mid-stitch. For a split second, blue eyes focused on nothing at all. And the corner of Simon’s mouth quirked upwards in bemusement, as if surprised at finding himself where he was. Then he started, blinking and shaking his head slightly and went back to his work, patching up the captain.

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